“Human and Nature”, tattoo sketch

Backpiece "Tree & Human" Rücken-Tattoo Sketch Teil Wurzeln Ganz/Full
Backpiece "Tree & Human" Rücken-Tattoo Sketch Teil Wurzeln Dyn
Backpiece "Tree & Human" Rücken-Tattoo Sketch Teil Wurzeln
Backpiece "Tree & Human" Rücken-Tattoo Sketch Teil Wurzeln Dyn Ver 2
Backpiece "Tree & Human" Rücken-Tattoo Sketch Teil 1

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Form & Composition

The detailed root system is rising up starting from the tailbone. Then it proceeds to form the curved and crooked trunk. The tree is covering the whole back, whereas the treetop is missing its leaves in the top left position, where the human is sitting. (The “emaciated” impression of the person was strengthened, when the illustration was finalized. Unfortunately this is not depicted on the images presented here.) The branch is breaking. The human is connected to the plant with dark hoses, while the body is covered with sick looking blotches. The highest limb of the tree is holding a signal light.

Content & Imagery

Human and Nature. A wide-spread relation paradox. Between the parasitic environmental impact of humanity and the concurrent dependence on planet earth. We destroy our living environment, we destroy ourselves. Kurt saw daylight, as he broke the vertebra of his neck. This is how the idea was developed to put a representative signal lamp in that place.


  1. Conception & Implementation
  2. Drawing up basic structure/Layout tree
  3. Elaboration & Editing
  4. Finalization with customer agreement

The work for Kurt B. was designed 2019. The idea of a “tree of life” as a backpiece went way back, finally we found a way to create a functioning concept. We developed the style and the precise depiction of the different image parts to underline the message of the piece. Another important aspect was to adjust the work capacity regarding to the point of committing the work to the tattoo artist. 

  • Free-style drawing with pencil/fineliner
  • Shadings with alcohol markers
  • Tattoo sketch backpiece, full back
  • Size 40x50cm
  • Working hours: approx. 30 h

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“Fusion, Earth & Space”, tattoo sketch

Fusion Rakete mit bunter Wolke und Auge der Erkenntnis, Dreieck, Tropfen
Lebensbaum mit Grasnarbe als Fußband, bunte Blätter, White Rabbit
Fusion Rakete bunt mit Baum und Auge der Erkenntnis

Full view – click picture.


Form & Composition

The tip of the colorful “Fusion” rocket is placed right under the knee pit. Dust clouds come out of the nozzles. They cover the back of the calfbone. In the centre of the illustration and at the bottom of the cloud there is an eye located. Tears are falling down onto a tree in the direction of the ankle, a bird is flying in between. The tree is in rainbow-colored fruit, beside a mushroom there is a white rabbit looking out of a knothole. A greensward at the bottom of the tree forms a ribbon around the ankle, while the root system of the tree is finishing the illustration placed at the top of the foot.

The rocket is building a closed, dark form. In contrast to this there is a bright cloud with a lot of free space and openings. According to the focussed symbolism of the work, the eye (and spiral/triangle beside) is sitting in the centre of the composition.

Content & Imagery

The fusion festival is an alternative, colorful music festival, that manifests intself in the combination of countless colors and shapes. At the same time the rocket is symbolizing frenzy just as a trip to an exceptional cosmos.

Perception and enlightenment is represented by the eye. Sometimes the senses get clouded… Beside the eyeball, a triangle (strongest geometrical structure) is shown, which is representative for resilience. The spiral is representing the fractal concept of nature. Ironically a higher consciousness (the rocket) emerges from enlightenment. In this case the relation of the semantic levels can be reversed. Paradox but symbiotic.

Nature, tree, greensward and roots stand for grounding and down-to-earthness. The tears of perception are falling down to earth, visualizing our mistakes that we learn and grow from. 

Maybe you know the white rabbit from “Alice in Wonderland”…


  1. Reviewing basic idea
  2. Part1 1: Fusion-rocket for calf back
  3. Part 2: Cloud as light contrast with symbolic meaning
  4. Part 3: Tree with roots and greensward as foundation of depiction

The work for Fabian S. arose in 2018. An illustration of the fusion rocket acted as a cornerstone for the project, which was divided into three parts. Over some weeks/months the different steps of content and depiction where developed and implemented. The process was especially concentrated on the symbolic level of illustrative elements. A lot of effort was put into the connection between meaning and image composition.

  • Free-style drawing with pencil/fineliner
  • Scan und Digitisation, Coloration
  • Tattoo sketch calf, ankle, foot
  • Size: ca. 30x20cm
  • Working hours: 20-25 h

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“Mandala Kiwi”, tattoo sketch

Mandala Illustration Hans From Space, schwarz weiß
Mandala Mitte Illustration Hans From Space, schwarz weiß
Mandala 3 Illustration Hans From Space, schwarz weiß

Full view – click picture.

All Mandalas are available as art prints in different formats.

Please write a mail to mail@hansfrom.space to get further information.


  1. Free creation
  2. Layout geometrical circle structure
  3. elaboration of forms & details

The mandala for “Kiwi” works as a tatto sketch (expected to be placed on the upper arm) and was designed on the artists own terms. An ornamental style is essential for the character of shape. It is appealing abstract and oriental. Two more sketches have been created in the during this project.

  • Tattoo sketch upper arm
  • Size 10x10cm (size of beer mat)
  • Working hours: 5-10 h

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“Twin-Rose”, tattoo sketch

Tattoovorlage "Zwillingsrose" von Hans From Space

Full view – click picture.

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  1. Twin-rose illustration to customer agreements
  2. sketching different rose depictions
  3. Creative implementation of the client wishes
  4. Finalisation 2 versions, eleboration final version

Lisa R. came to me with the aim to creat a rose tatto sketch that is of unique character. It should represent the bond between her and her twin sister Julia. The two sides of shapes and forms on the illustration represent the different personalities. Both persons are tattooed. In the childhood their mothers nickname for the sisters was the “white” and the “red rose”. This is why the right side is containing a red drop.

  • Free-style drawing with pencil/fineliner
  • Scan und digitisation
  • Tattoo sketch for twins
  • Size 10x10cm
  • Working hours: 6 h
Finales Nacken Tattoo "Zwillingsrose" Vorlage von Hans From Space

“Yin Yang & Life”, tattoo extension

Yin Yang Tattoo Erweiterung, Vorlage Hans From Space

Full view – click picture.


Content & Imagery

When I got to know Sarah, she told me about her hard past, which is luckily over today. At the same time she was bothered by the unequal dots of her yin yang tattoo on the upper arm. This is how I came up with the idea to take this mistake as a symbol for her past suffering. Everything, that defined her in the process of growing and getting well is embodied by the uprising symbols and ornaments. So entstand die Idee, den Fehler in der Darstellung symbolisch für das Leiden in der Vergangenheit zu betrachten. New life out of old debris…

  • Seed as an origin for better times
  • Gingko leaves
  • Sacred blue lily
  • Scarabaeus
  • Foetus
  • Eye
  • Spiral


  1. Extension of the unequal yin yang symbol
  2. New definition instead of cover-up
  3. Integration symbolic content
  4. Elaboration in personal style

The first idea was to cover up the faulty yin yang symbol at Sarah’s upper arm. According to her story of character formation an extensional illustration was planned. The style of the image relies on the artists own terms and is placed in between the two existing tattos (flower at the top left & yin yang). The customer told me about personal symbols that are important to her, which I followingly integrated into the illustration.

  • Free-style drawing with pencil/fineliner mit Bleistift/Fineliner
  • Scan und digitisation
  • Tattoo extension
  • Sizr 20x15cm
  • Working hours: 4 h