Motifs with meaning, tattoo templates with personality, extraordinary gift ideas

There are many uses for illustration. My graphics live mainly from their background story.

If you have a graphic designed, the background information is essential for creating a coherent concept. It doesn’t matter whether it’s tattoo motifs, key visuals for companies or merchandise graphics for bands. I adapt to your style and think about your situation in order to convey the desired message as convincingly as possible.

Unique graphics and hand-drawn motifs that tell a special story.

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Illustrations Overview Hans From Space

Blue Live 02 Close

Print motifs & T-shirt motifs

"Hans From Space - Third Eye" Cover Artwork

Digital Art & coloristic images

Augenblick Magazin Inlay Front Ansicht 02 Illustration von Hans From Space

Key visuals & concept graphics

Spaceship Cockpit Colorful Keyvisual by Hans From Space handdrawn digitized

Spaceship Cockpit – Keyvisual

Backpiece "Tree & Human" Rücken-Tattoo Sketch Teil Wurzeln Ganz/Full

Personal tattoo template tree back

Lucid Forever Musik Album Cover von Hans From Space

Lucid Forever Album – Cover Artwork

Free Illustration, Mandala Tribal Ornament Style

TIebreak Twin EP – Cover Artwork

Jano Domo Fan, with "Jano Domo" Shirt, Illustration by Hans From Space

Illustration band merch & stage banner

Keyvisual "Sommerfest im Hinterhof", abstrakte Illustration Hofschild, Weinranken, Pergel und Symbole

Invitation card concept graphic

Soundship 02 - Red Sync

“Red Sync” digital collage,
from the poster motif series “Soundships”

How much does an illustration cost?

That depends on your budget and the complexity of the subject. However, it has become much more affordable to professionally implement illustrations for commercials, graphics for bands or banners on social media.

This applies to both private individuals and companies. As an artist and service provider alike, I would like to make you a reasonable and reasonable offer. Let us agree on a suitable project framework together.

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Special motifs for tattoos, band merch, events

Graffiti Wallart Berlin Mauerpark "Bruddha" #2

wall design,
Color Fading & events

Jano Domo Merchandise Illustration "Fading Music", designed by Hans From Space

Logos, Merch & Motifs for bands

Backpiece "Tree & Human" Rücken-Tattoo Sketch Teil Wurzeln Dyn

unique tattoo motifs with meaning