Hans From Space spraying Graffiti Berlin Mauerpark bunt Seitenansicht



Hans From Space is creating individual wall designs and large size illustrations for diverse occasions.

Building up a colorful surrounding for any event means providing creative and cultural profits for both organizers and guests.

The combination of art & light (“Color Fading” concept) leads to an impressive visual effect. The sensual experience is based on a fully natural effect. 

Please contact me, if you are looking for a concept related solution for your occasion.

Hans From Space spraying Graffiti Berlin Mauerpark bunt Seitenansicht

Rainbowcolored Walldesign

Ingelheim, Bruddha 03, Custom Work

Street Art, Ingelheim am rhein

Motive “Bruddha” 3x3m, rainbow colored wall art with spraypaint for the “Nice am Gleis” crew

Berlin Mauerpark, Bruddha 02

Graffiti, Berlin Mauerpark

Photo spread of image formation “Bruddha” #2 3,5x5m – wall design in rainbow colors

More info: mail@hansfrom.space

Bingen, Bruddha 01

Graffiti, bingen am rhein

Colorful “Bruddha” 2,5x3m, wall design with spraypaint, Bingen Mainzer Str.103a, Germany

Big Brother Wall Design Front View
Big Brother Wall Design Side View
Markstand Hans From Space Neuköllner Stoffmarkt NKS Berlina

Hans From Space on tour

Hans From Space is providing artworks, services and products for art exhibitions, events or markets. Feel free to message me, if you might be interested in a collaboration. I am happy to hear from you!

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