Selection of printed illustrations designed by Hans From Space.

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  Postcards, Din a6 – 105 x 148mm

DIN A6, 105x148mm
1x - 2,50 €
3x - 5,00 €
8x - 10,00 €
Prices for large quantities on demand.
Beautyshot Ancient print illustration black white Origin Texture
Three Eyed Print Close
Three Eyed
Three Eyed Print Illustration Full View
Massive Mercury Molotow Mind Print Close
Massive Mercury Molotow Mind
Massive Mercury Molotow Mind Print Illustration Full View
Ancient Origin Print Close
Ancient Origin
Ancient Origin Print Illustration Full View
An Apple A Day illustration black white abstract
An Apple A Day Print Illustration Full View
Soul Body Mind Be One Print Illustration Full View
Memorias Face Print Illustration Close View
Memorias Face
Memorias Face Print Illustration Full View
Fading Music Print Close
Fading Music
Fading Music Guitar Illustration
Protect The Unexpected Print Close
Protect The Unexpected
Protect The Unexpected Print Illustration Full View
Peace Pipe Print Close
Peace Pipe
Peace Pipe Print Illustration Full View
Rainbow Bird Print Close
Rainbow Bird
Rainbow Bird print illustration full view
Interessiert Nicht Die Bohne Print Close
Interessiert Nicht Die Bohne
Interessiert Nicht Die Bohne print illustration full view
Bruddha Print Close
Bruddha 00
Big Buddha Head print illustration full view
Print Close Farbenfroh
Farbenfroh printed illustration Color Fading Design Full View
Hans From Space Craft prints staple

  poster, Din a3 – 297 x 420mm

DIN A3, 297x420mm
1x - 15,00 €
3x - 40,00 €
5x - 50,00 €
Prices for large quantities on demand.
Complementary Curiosities print illustration
Complementary Curiosities
Out Of The Rabbit Hole illustrative design colorful
Rabbit Hole
Red Green Abstract Art
Red Green Abstract Art
Red Green Abstract 03 Poster Full View
Red Green Abstract 02 Poster Art
Red Green Abstract 01 Poster Art Close
Red Blue Adern Abstract
Red Blue Adern Abstract
Red Blue Ader Abstract 03 Poster Art Full View
Red Blue Ader Abstract 02
Red Blue Ader Abstract 01 Poster Close
Red Blue Abstract
Red Blue Abstract
Red Blue Abstract 03 Poster Full
Red Blue Abstract 02 Poster
Red Blue Abstract 01 Poster Close
Green Abstract Own Way
Green Abstract Own Way
Red Green Yellow Abstract
Red Green Yellow Abstract
Praying Woman
Praying Woman
Soundship 01 - Blue Live
Soundship 01 - Blue Live
Blue Live 01 Close Up Poster
Blue Live 02 Close
Blue Live Close Title Poster
Soundship 02 - Red Sync
Soundship 02 - Red Sync
Red Sync 01 Close Poster
Red Sync 02 Close Poster
Red Sync Close Title Poster
Soundship 03 - Yello Warp
Soundship 03 - Yello Warp
Yello Warp 02 Poster
Yello Warp 01 Close Poster
Yello Warp Close Title Poser

More illustrations

Flyer illustrations Events 2013-2018

Hans From Space is creating customized images in his own style. The shape and coloration is characteristic for the artist, however it can be transformed according to the concept of a specific project.

Through cooperation with specialized media partners, a functional network is built to find flexible solutions for many occassions.

The “Color Fading” concept is built up by the use of rainbow colored images. When a color changing light is projected onto the image it starts to change its appearance. You can have a look at the result here. You can have a look at the result here.