“Rise Of Enlightenment”, leinwand 30x60cm, available

Rise Of Enlightenment Leinwand Color Fading Design

“Alienation Paralyzation”, Leinwand 30x40cm, available

Alienation Paralyzation Leinwand Color Fading Design

“Molecular mess”, 50x50cm, available

"Molecular Mess" Leinwand Color Fading Motiv

Multimedia projects with the “Color Fading” concept

The idea is combining art, light & music to an impressive creative experience. Rainbow colored images are building the foundation for the visual effect. Corresponding to the color of light, the surfaces change their brightness and coloration. This leads to a morphing effect, that keeps the observer excited. In combination with spherical music and abstract forms the concept is well-rounded to deliver entertaining solutions for many venues.

The work has been presented 2019 at two art exhibitions in Mainz. The rainbow colored images were hung up in a darkened room called the “wormhole”.  The image motifs where illuminated with a color fading light, supported by Hans From Space Music. Beside that, art prints and canvasses have been sold.

At the second exhibition the work was presented in a corner store with large shopwindows. According to this, the color fading effect was visible the whole night long and impressed many pedestrians, that walked by.

The concept is especially working for events in the entertainment industry, parties, festivals or special occasions. A wide range of media is providing both creative and cultural values for your event. If you need any support for your upcoming project, I’d like to assist you with my previous experiences. 

“Maritime Maze”, Leinwand 40x30cm, verfügbar

Molecular Mess Leinwand Color Fading Design

“Fate Features”, 24x30cm, verfügbar

"Fate Features" Leinwandkarton Color Fading Motiv

“Complementary Curiosities”, Leinwand 24x30cm, verfügbar

Illustrations for diverse media & music production

Many different areas of entertainment are interacting. The borders between separated segments get more and more indistinct.This is why a multimedia concept delivers an encompassing and satisfying solution approach. 

I’d really like to hear about your coming projects!

The combination of art, music and light leads to a sensual experience that appeals on different levels of perception. The mass of stimuli keeps the viewer in the present moment. Following to that, a kind of dreamy and meditative state is caused, still the thrilling light conditions sustain the betrayers attention. Learn more about the creative concept of Hans From Space here.

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